The A​.​M. Soul Society EP ¡

by A.M. Soul Society

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Recorded as a sister EP towards their first release, this alternate version of the EP spawns from extra time in the studio. Hope ya'll can dig it!


released August 28, 2015

The A.M. Soul Society are:

vocals, guitars, keys - Miguel Abad
bass, percussion, vocals - Walter Joyce III
keys, vocals - Ejiela Agi
Drums, Percussion, Vocals - Robby Stillings

produced by Brothah Lady & The A.M. Soul Society
engineered by Walter Joyce III & Miguel Abad
recorded at Capital University Studios (Columbus, Ohio)
for updates visit us at



all rights reserved


A.M. Soul Society Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Ohio
Soul n' Funkers.
bringin' ya'll some stanky original material for ya'll to get down to.

4peace 4love

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Track Name: A.M. Soul Society Funk.dup
I'd like to introduce you to my world
so many thoughts running through my mind
like music from my head
and music from my heart
and music coming from my soul
A.M. Soul Society
Track Name: Seen't it All
I know you got a lot on yo mind
but sistah this ain’t the time
you say’n theres lot goin’ on but it’s gone
if ya funk
I’m feelin’ like I’ve seen it all
heard it all

I know you say yo head gon’ hurt
ya say’n that there’s never time
but honey I’m say’n there’s time fo one more
if ya funk
I’m feelin’ like I’ve seen it all
heard it all

I know you don’t want them thinking more
like damn that chick is just a…..
it ain’t about what they gon’ say
its about you me and the funk
I’m feelin’ like I’ve seen it all
heard it all

message from Maxx:
Find out where we are, is it space and time
or more like your dreams
dream in the day time, you can fly higher
I guarantee the sky is brighter
full of hope, one day you can be
all that you imagined you’d ever be
Track Name: Some1else2lov3
Why’d you go and leave me
moments right before we could ever be
got me wondering what it is I could have done
Now I can never love you
the way I thought I could
believe in me from now on
I’ll keep you away from me
I’ll find somebody else to love

How could I have trusted
what my dreams could fabricate
its not all a lie, but I think its you most of the time
I’m hiding with my shadows
thinking I ain’t worth a dime
its not what the others say
y’got me believing other tales
I’ll find somebody else to love

From what I can tell, you lost all that I fell in love with
one the very first day, what a shame
from what I can tell, you treat me just like a shell
with nothing inside, ruined most of my nights
from what I can tell, you keep doing these things to me
cuz I let you. Let you cuz I want you. Cuz I love you

I’ll find somebody else to love
Track Name: Sally13
Your time is up, you ran my heart through the muck and the mire
Should have known first that you was a liar
and the fire of lies, it will consume you
well, Sally girl, the 13th fix but you were my world
and ya gotcha kiks quick but as time unfurled
you got amorous eyes and they do best suit you.
Sally13 yo time is up
Sally13 your out of luck

Well i guess you win, i took a bite from the apple, the original sin,
yeah i took a couple blows had to take em on the chin
but yo love had ties cuz it came from within
and I began to think that i was yo twin
both of us in love living in the same skin
I got caught up, and i falter from the ways that i was brought up
i been to told to trust since i was a pup
but yo love was rough girl i've had enough
and the more i think theres no need for fuss
cuz yo hokum was wine and i drank from yo cup